Samri Multani is a young entrepreneur who belongs to Haryana and currently running his business from the state’s capital and beautiful city Chandigarh. His real name is Jagjeet Singh but in his circle, known as Samri Multani. He is famous for his jovial personality, integrity, and professionalism in his endeavors related to the travel industry as there are so many fake people who are just frauds and earn the money from their customers in many unprofessional ways.

Samri Multani is from that rare league of people who loves to make their own path of success. His ways of accomplishing the tasks are always best and different from others. When the boys of his age were in dilemma to choose the career path, Samri was crystal clear about his career as he always wanted to be an entrepreneur and having control over his life rather than serving others’ purposes.

After completing the High School education from a small town of Haryana, named Pehowa in Kurukshetra district, Samri was sent abroad for further studies, however, there also his thoughts were aligned to observe the people and their antics to handling others, this curiosity made him learned so many valuable lessons about people management which proved to be quite helpful when Samri returned to India.

Samri started doing odd jobs on a commission and salary basis to make his standing on the shaky ground of self-dependency, however, slowly and gradually his hard work paid off and in May 2015, Samri completed one dream out of his bucket list to open his own venture. To give the honor to his family name, Samri registered his business unit as “Multani Overseas Travels”.

From the start of his entrepreneur journey, Samri was clear to treat his customers with utmost respect and trust. Due to his righteous nature and sheer competence, soon Samri was applying of the eyes of so many overseas travel aspirants. The fast, accurate, and affordable services without any hidden cost and fraudulent terms, his ledgers were full of customers. Till now Samri has helped over 5000 people through his travel agency to achieve their dream of settling down abroad.

In the circle of travel industry, Samri Multani is known for his straightforwardness, as he is very clear that knowledge and time are the things they use to make others dreams come true which can’t be bought at any general store, only expert and authentic professionals can help the clients and complete all the tasks seamlessly.

By God’s grace, elder’s blessings, family’s support, and the fruit of his own hard work, Samri Multani opened a new unit of Multani Overseas Travels and named it Global Gateways. After going through so many hardships, now Samri is enjoying the taste of success and increasing his customer base by many folds. Retention and repeat of customers is the key to success for any venture and by giving the best in the market services, Samri is winning over the hearts of his clients.

Samri’s success shows us that if you decide to achieve any dream, doesn’t matter how tough or impossible it may seem, through hard work, perseverance, and never quitting, everything can be achieved.