lAvenue Growth is putting an end to your tedious search- the best freelancers are available at the click of a button

The race to be the best in the business has been going on probably since we understood the importance of making money. But being the best comes with its sweet challenges- time, money, and resources are needed to excel and pose a strong competition to your competitors. In a situation like this, brands are left with a puzzle to solve- hiring the right people to do the right job.

India is growing at a steady rate when it comes to freelancing. After the pandemic hit us, people have started to shift towards remote working. Productivity, creativity, innovation- all are bound to increase when you give the employees a flexible work model and let them experiment with what works and whatnot. After the unfortunate pandemic struck us, thousands of businesses were forced to let go of certain employees. These employees had one option that could help them make ends meet- a flexible work model. One such organization that provided the youth earning opportunities when it was most needed is Avenue Growth.

Avenue Growth has rightly gained the title of being India’s largest business growth platform. The organization, through its simple Find-Hire-Manage model, has turned the tables around for many reputed brands who were struggling to find the right talent at the right time to provide them with the expected results. As of now, Avenue Growth has over 65000 freelancers and a very strong presence. It is estimated that the Indian freelance market will grow to a whopping $20-30 billion by 2025.

 How do you find the right skilled specialist?

Avenue Growth makes it super easy and convenient for you to find exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is log on to the website and begin. Find the best growth specialist by searching the detailed profiles and based on your need, you can select your growth specialist and even have a small chat with them to understand their views. After you select the right profile, you can hire your growth specialist in a hassle-free, paperless, transparent way and make a secure payment. After these steps, you can successfully manage geo-locations and observe your workforce checking in and out of jobs.

The USPs of Avenue Growth include an in-house development platform, expert founding team, cost-effective, assured quality of deliverables, and scalable. The platform is designed for businesses to scale instantly by getting work done through a flexible workforce model.

One of the major reasons that freelancing is becoming a major hit can be because freelancers are easy to hire, mostly are hired for a project, spots get filled quickly, there are more talent and learning, and offers access to a wider range of skills. Additionally, there is more flexibility, which is the need of the hour. How the market is going to act- time will tell, but what we are sure about is that flexible work models will be profitable for businesses for a long time to come.