Someone once said, “judge politicians by action rather than promises.” Chetan Thakor has led by example. From the moment he got the opportunity, he encashed it with both hands and strived for upgradation & promotion of Thakor community. The politician bagged the role of leading Saurashtra. As an  in-charge of Gujarat Kshatriya Thakor Sena from Bharatiya Janata Party, he has done some commendable work. This started from the year 2012-2017. In the span of five years Chetan Thakor achieved a lot of feats which seems an insurmountable task for many other politicians of his league. Chetan donned the hat of regional spokesperson of Gujarat Kshatriya Sena for OBC, SC & ST.
The hard work, consistent efforts, love towards community helped him to gain the much sought after fame & popularity.  In the year 2017, Chetan Thakor emerged as the leading politician representing the Thakor community. As a young leader he has taken all those vital and steps which are necessary for the enhancement & betterment of society. With the help of his team, Chetan worked out in order to weed out the addiction from society. After battling with addiction, the politician aimed at the upliftment of education and health sector of the society.
Chetan is high on the spirit of nationalism & socialism. He is a youth politician who leads by the example. Chetan aims at constantly inspiring and motivating the youth of the society. Chetan Thakor is popularly known as 108 for the association with OBC community. Chetan is the voice of all those downtrodden sect of OBC society. He has emerged as the voice of the people by becoming the face of the society and questioning the unsolved and concerning issues of the OBC community. During the time of pandemic, Chetan became the household name for the society by offering valuables which include masks, sanitizers, oxygen cylinders and ration kits. In true sense, Chetan has set the bar for himself through his stellar performance.