An Indian coffee shop chain – SardarBuksh – on Friday finally accepted defeat in a legal lawsuit filed against it by American coffeehouse giant Starbucks and decided to change its name which rhymed with Starbucks. The new name of SardarBuksh will be SardarjiBakhsh and the Indian chain has been granted two months time to change the name of all its 25 coffee shops in the national capital. However, the logo of the Indian coffee shop, which has a man in a turban in the centre of the logo just like Starbucks’ mermaid, will not be changed.

While speaking to media, founder of SardarBuksh chain, Sanmeet Singh Kalra said, “Our name rhymed with Starbucks which is why the court has ruled (on Thursday) in their favour.” Kalra, however, asserted that he will not change the logo of his restaurant chain since no ruling was given on it by the court.

Earlier in July, Starbucks started legal proceedings against the Delhi-based coffee shop chain when it came to their notice that the name and logo of it rhyme and look like their intellectual property.

Starbucks entered the Indian market in 2012 and has become hugely popular ever since. In the span of five years, the American giant boasts of 125 outlets in the country.

Talking about the infringement of big business’ intellectual property by small businesses, branding consultant Harish Bijoor said that there is a trend of Indian companies using the names similar to renowned multi-national firms.

“Such imitators have limited ambition and they enjoy their moment of the limelight of having ambushed an iconic brand in India,” added Harish Bijoor.

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