There is always a story behind every successful person. Because success comes through hard work and a passionate person never misses working hard to follow his dreams. We are presenting one such enthusiastic kid, who at a tender age of 19 became an Internet sensation. Yes, meet Sanjay Kumar Gupta, an outstanding Digital Marketing Expert who wore the uniform of hardworking to achieve his dreams of becoming successful in the field of Digital Marketing. Let us go through Sanjay’s extraordinary journey of Sanjay Kumar from his childhood to pursuing his success

Sanjay’s Childhood:

Sanjay Kumar was born and brought up in a middle-class, loving family. Since childhood, he was fond of doing out-of-the-box things as his creativity never let him sit idle. During college times, Sanjay and his friends were fascinated by Social Media. Soon, they learn the power of social media and started brainstorming sessions on how they can get benefit from it. The vast area of business opportunities on Social Media added curiosity on Sanjay’s mind and thus, he was convinced to make a sensational debut in the digital media.

Sanjay’s Scintillating Career:

Social media platforms proved to be a catalyst in fulfilling Sanjay’s dream. Sanjay was now very sure about his career and it was a call for his creativity to showcase his capability. Sanjay ventured into the digital Ad space through Google AdSense and Facebook. His curiosity made him explore the galore of social media as well as made him creative enough to learn and understand the power of it. Well, his success is undoubtedly his hard-core passion and was not a surprise at all. At a very tender age of 19, Sanjay brilliantly started his own Company “Vetwe Media Private Limited ”. There was no looking back thereafter. Sooner he got popularized over the Internet. Up till now, Sanjay is blessed with 25 million Audience on Facebook and 2 million on Instagram.

Few Roadblocks:

While moving ahead with utmost success and popularity, Sanjay even faced a few big obstacles that shocked him but didn’t degrade him from moving ahead. He explored other areas of digital space like E-Commerce, Drop Shipping. Well, it provided the acceleration to continue in this space. But unfortunately, Sanjay suffered few setbacks when Google AdSense disabled his account. Also, Facebook restricted the number of ads. But Sanjay with full confidence and hard-work faced the situation. His passion, dedication, and enthusiasm helped him to create avenues in tough phases as well.

Hats off to Sanjay! Best wishes for his future endeavours.