The market for natural ghee is increasing day by day and this is when only limited brands are producing organic ghee. Uttar Pradesh-based YOOGHEE dairy is one of the dairy farms that has launched the delicious ghee ‘YOOGHEE’ for everyone’s kitchen. 


During the launch, Thina Momin, Managing Director of YOOGHEE Dairy, said, “Natural ghee benefits are holistic and nutritious, but you have to be sure about the natural authenticity of the product in your home. YOOGEE dairy is rich in many fat-soluble nutrients that are required for the keeping of good health.” 


She further added, most other cooking oils, particularly refined oils appear harmful free radicals at high temperatures. Ghee is the ideal health-friendly cooking medium on high-temperature cooking oils due to its high smoke point. YOOGHEE dairy is termed as special ghee in its kind, not because of the purity alone but for its attractive combo of quality, purity, and 100% transparency. 


While sharing details of the product, Momin said, “Ghee’s nutrition is very potential. It includes antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins, and healthy friendly fatty acids. If you add YOOGHEE dairy to the food in moderation, ghee, with the help of its nutrients, improvises the disease resistance power of the human body and that is boosting natural immunity.”


YOOGHEE dairy includes fat-soluble vitamins and healthy friendly fatty acids. It helps in keeping good eye vision, hair, and skin, etc. It is the best option for having good nutrition. It can be used in everyday diet and can cook various cuisines, veg, and non-veg varieties. Another reason we promote YOOGHEE dairy is a completely health-friendly cooking oil against high-temperature cooking is because of its high smoke point.