A 21-year-old Rahul Kumar Pandey working in a construction company as a civil engineer in Ghaziabad, UP. 1 year later, in 2017, Rahul Kumar Pandey came up with a digital solution to integrate brands, MNCs and Bollywood with digital influencers to give it a new twist.

Today, the ₹10 million startup, FNF MEDIA, is a household name in digital India and one of the largest influencer marketing chain. And, the 25-year old Pandey is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

Pandey, the early bird, is reaping the benefits of embracing technology early, and wants to share his convictions about the power of technology at Global Startup Awards 2020 by SAARC.

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*The pandemic is testing FNF’s mettle and Pandey’s survival instincts *

In the last 3 years, FNF has grown in leaps and bounds. It has over thousand of influencers in India, with their lease and freelancing model. It has also expanded digitally to Bangladesh, US and Europe to make a influencer oriented digital world. The next phase was an aggressive growth strategy including takeovers and nomination to the startup award.

However, like anyone in the marketing business will tell you, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a reset. The backing from nest egg will be useful but recovering from the nearly-fatal blow of the pandemic will need more than just money.

Does Pandey have another secret key to success? Don’t miss the Global Startup Awards 2020 by SAARC.

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