Writers Community founder Ankit Dev Arpan collaborated with Shanya Das and some of the first book publishers to generate employment, which did not achieve the expected success. Then both of them connected with eminent institutions like Embibe, Unacademy, Brainly, Official Factory and Pariksha Adda and Liaised with institutions and started work on their competitive books. Since its inception, the community has done more than 45 thousand questions in about one and a half years, producing more than 25 books, translating more than 40 books, and proofreading 18 books. Along with this, the Writers’ Community, which started from 2 people and established as a group of more than 300 people, has worked on data entry, research, press release writing and other digital projects. This community, set up by the youth under 21 years of age, has succeeded in employing more than 100 people at home and is committed to carrying out this task even further.

During a conversation, Ankit Dev Arpan the Writers’ Community founder, said that earlier, he worked in a publication house on a monthly payment of Rs 4000 for his expenses, then got information about freelance work through social media. But constantly seeing scams and writers getting paid less, he felt exploited, so he thought of providing a platform to skilled writers. Initially, people used to join, but there was a lack of trust. Still, due to transparency in payment and constant hard work, now people from every part of the country are joining and helping to increase the community. Because of the hard work of members of the Writers Community, today, the community has established trust. Though Ankit Kumar known as Ankit Dev Arpan is an alumnus of Navodaya Vidyalaya, a social activist and student of law studies, due to his keen interest in Hindi, he has done writing work in newspapers and magazine journals. He is now providing an excellent platform for writers.

Shanya Das the co-founder of Writers’ Community, is also an alumnus of Navodaya Vidyalaya. Shanya Das, studying at the University of Delhi, said that many educated students, girls or women, cannot work outside the home due to social reasons, so giving them an opportunity and A small effort to build self-support is called Writers Community. She said that if this social distinction is not eliminated now, many women will be deprived of becoming like Kiran Bedi, Sucheta Kripalani and Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.