Ludhiana: A young journalist Amarpreet Singh Makkar has given a platform to the people of Ludhiana to raise their issues. Moreover, the people of Ludhiana rely on Ludhiana Times, as it provides real time and authentic information. The people considered Ludhiana Times as their own channel or Ludhiana’s own channel as it always become the voice of people.

Amarpreet Singh Makkar who is Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication has started Ludhiana Times Digital Channel. Within few months, the Channel has become popular on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. Before starting Ludhiana Times, Amarpreet Makkar worked in Hindustan Times Newspaper, and Daily Post Newspaper and channel.

Amarpreet Singh Makkar said that while studying Journalism, they were taught that the main responsibility of journalist is to become the voice of people. A true journalist must raise the issue of people and get it redressed. A journalist has a power to make the government and administration responsible.

Amarpreet Singh Makkar said that people have made negative opinion about media and he wanted to change the perception. Ludhiana Times focused on content which the public wanted to be covered. The people also started approaching Ludhiana Times with their issues and the being responsible channels they raised the issue and made the authorities responsible.

Now, the Ludhiana Times has become the talk of the town and if people face any problem or issue they have got option to approach Ludhiana Times.

Amarpreet Singh Makkar thanked people of Ludhiana for posing faith in Ludhiana Times and making the channel number one in Ludhiana and region. He said that this would not have been possible without the team of Ludhiana Times.

Amarpreet said that the support and co-operation of his family members Darshan Singh Makkar (Father), Harjit Kaur (Mother ), Amanpreet Kaur ( Wife ) and lucky charm Inayat Kaur (Daughter) is also reason behind the success of Ludhiana Times.