Capitalism is no more- The Cardinal Principals of Economics to change by H.R. Economic Model

24 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Mr. Deepak Sharma (father of H.R. Economics) has been denied the cardinal principals of Economics. He propounded the complete mechanism and tools to convert  the Human Resource into monetary fund  ...

Now India can expect 15 trillion dollar GDP 2026 with 10 crore new  employment opportunities.

New Delhi – It’s really surprisingly for mankind that the entire cardinal principal of Economics has been challenged by Human Resource Economic Model ( next generation economic system), as mostly awaited by various economist and journalist worldwide since last year. Considering as Supernatural incident in 4000 years history of Economics, but any Economist  never expected that the Cardinal principle of entire economics shall be changed up to initio,  by  H.R Economic Model  –

As per Cardinal principle of macro economics as per theory of Adam Smith ( father of Capitalism) and Karl Marx( father of Communism), states that Government and Capitalists/ individual both are only  major source to  generate the initial investment for production activities, where as any investment by State/Government called as socialism and investment by any individual / group of individual is called as Capitalism.  All economic Systems  is still depend upon two basics Worldwide, whereas Capitalism is being consider as major source for production/ Economic Activity.

Mr. Deepak Sharma (father of H.R. Economics) has been denied the aforesaid cardinal principals of Economics( as per WIPO publication released recently),

H.R.Economic Model States-

Human Resource is  being worthiest asset worldwide, therefore human resource always be major source for  investment, production and other economic activity.

He propounded the complete mechanism and tools to convert the Human Resource into monetary fund  for economic activities, whereas aforesaid entire system is called as H.R.Economic Model.

He proposed that –

  1. Indian H.R. capital account, for registered the human resource of entire India as absolute Assets of India
  2. Valuation formulas for measure the valuation of Indian H.R. Capital account at individual level/ Group level.
  3. Mechanism to convert aforesaid valuation into Monetary Fund.
  4. Other various tools as accounting standards, economic standards man power grid Mechanism.

From above observation it’s clear that HR Economic  Model is seem to  next generation Economic  System against Socialism and Capitalism. therefore Cardinal principle of macro and micro Economics Shall be highly affected  by HR. Economic Model.

Projected changes of HR Economic Model upon current Economic System .

  1. Capitalism is no more – because of  a group of entrepreneurs shall be arrange the initial investment for economic growth from Indian HR capital account.  After establishment of H.R Economic Model, any group of individuals can demand fund for Economic Activity against there  gross registered valuation before Indian H.R. capital account. Therefore capitalist or capitalism is no more.
  2. O.I could be demanded, necessary fund for infrastructure development from Indian H.R. Capital account.

therefore next economic Revolution is nearby for India as well as mankind historically.

Feasibility for 15 trillion dollar GDP(2026)-

For India to got  $15 trillion GDP(2026), India shall be  required at least same amount of $15 trillion investment in next 4 years period of time, as annexure- economic indicator of  India as below.

  1. Indian Foreign is approx $ 0.6 trillion against foreign debt $ 2.7 trillion .
  2. Indian GDP is at the level of $ 2.8 trillion. G.O.I revenue is approx $ 0.3 trillion against expenditure of $ 0.35 trillion annually.
  3. Total Worth of stock exchange is approx $ 3.0 trillion (BSc + NSC).

Therefore neither G.O.I nor Corporate/private sector are in position to  accumulated the $15 trillion  investment till 2026. Meanwhile as per HR Economic mod Model states as-

  1. The worth of Indian R. capital account shall be approx $300 to $450 trillion,( as per statement of Mr Deepak Sharma ) for 10 crore people.
  2. The requirement of India for $15 trillion dollar investment shall be fulfill  to monetize   3 to 4%  worth of Indian capital account into monetary fund.
  3. At least $ 1.0 trillion Monetary Fund shall be transferred to G.O.I For infrastructure development within next 6 month period.
  4. $15 trillion investment shall be sufficient for 10 crore new employment generation.

Meanwhile It’s clear about that Deepak Sharma provide the next generation Economic System against Adam Smith and Karl Marx, while surprised about, details of  H.R. valuation methods, H.R. accounting, economic standards, and mechanism of monetary conversion of H.R.Economic Model and vice versa is still awaited before Parliament of India/public domain.

Therefore H.R.Economic Model is  seem to be great economic opportunities for India , the  contribution of Mr. Deepak Sharma is like a saviour of India, expected to  release  more details of H.R.Economic Model in the welfare of humanity.