Sunday, December 3, 2023

CBSE 12th Result 2023: Delhi girl who topped Vasant Valley School with 98.5%, wants to study diplomacy

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Students from Delhi-based Vasant Valley School have performed exceptionally well in the CBSE board results in 2023 for Classes 10 and 12.

One of the students of the school, Daksayani Chandra has scored 98.5 percent in the CBSE Class 12th results. Celebrating his accomplishment, she told that she had never imagined that she would top her school someday but admitted that she had worked hard preparing for her exams.

When asked about her preparation process, she stated that consistency was necessary. She used to study for nearly two hours every day and never missed a class. Her family was also very supportive.

Daksayani who topped CBSE exams wants to pursue Diplomacy

Daksayani also spoke about her future plans, Daksayani Chandra stated that she wishes to study diplomacy and has taken the CUET UG. If she has the opportunity to study abroad, she won’t miss it.

Daksayani’s parents are delighted and proud of their daughter’s results in the CBSE board exams. Her mother told that they never pushed her to be a top student, instead, they encouraged her to study and perform well. They were proud of her now that she has topped her class.

Both Students and teachers were ecstatic with the results, which showed that all students who took the CBSE board exams received satisfactory results.

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