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Chandigarh University: Girl hosteller, two men detained amid heavy demonstrations

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Students at Chandigarh University in Punjab’s Mohali region continued their Monday demonstration demanding justice for the allegedly “leaked inappropriate videos” while wearing black T-shirts (September 19, 2022). Around 2:30 am on Sunday, there was a commotion as it was claimed that numerous girls’ offensive recordings had been leaked.

Following a preliminary inquiry, police detained a student while handing over to the Punjab Police a 23-year-old male who was allegedly her lover from Himachal Pradesh. Another 31-year-old male was also taken into custody by the Himachal Police in relation to the incident.

Late on Sunday night, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) GS Bhullar addressed the protesting students and attempted to calm them down by reassuring them that “law is being followed” and “implicit faith is important.” Implicit faith is required, thus we’ll keep coming to you, stated DIG GS Bhullar.

What transpired at Chandigarh University?

After allegedly “leaked undesirable recordings” of female students went viral, Chandigarh University students held a sizable protest in Mohali on Saturday night. Students protesting said that a student had recorded films of female students while bathing in the dorm. Later, the video went popular on social media.

The case has been the subject of numerous rumors, according to ADGP Deo, who oversees matters pertaining to women and children. “The hostel is home to 4,000 female students. Police have taken one into custody. Police have her phone, and the state cybercrime unit is investigating it, the officer added.

No further MMS were discovered; the accused girl created her own video: Police

Following the protests on Saturday night, Punjab’s Additional Director General of Police, Gurpreet Deo, visited the Chandigarh University campus to assess the situation. He told reporters that it appeared the female student had shared a video of herself with the young man, and no other students’ videos had been discovered that were offensive. In addition, accusations that films of several female students in the varsity hostel had been made and leaked on social media as well as assertions that distressed students had attempted suicide were dismissed by university officials as “false and unsubstantiated” reports.

Woman hostage, two others detained amid fierce demonstrations

In this case, three persons have so far been detained: a female student at the university and two men. In connection with the allegedly leaked inappropriate videos of Chandigarh University students on Sunday, one person was arrested and another was detained. Sunny Mehta, the apprehended suspect, has been named. The young man is from a village in the Shimla district’s Rohru Subdivision, around 130 kilometres from the northern town.

Rankaj Verma, a 31-year-old man, has been named as the detained individual. A team led by Dr. Monika, Superintendent of Police, Shimla, apprehended both suspects and turned them over to the Punjab Police from the Rohur and Dhalli police stations, respectively.

Police rejects allegations of suicide attempts

The students who were protesting also alleged that suicide attempts by female hostel residents occurred after the recordings became public. Police, however, denied the allegations of suicide attempts. “There is a gathering of forensic evidence. No recorded suicide attempts have been made thus far. Students’ medical histories have been documented. Rumors should not be believed by anyone, “police reported.

Amit Talwar, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) for Mohali, also stated that there had been no reports of suicide up to this point. “There is no information available about suicide. It is a rumour that has gained traction. We have received no information indicating a suicide has occurred “said DC Talwar.

University calls the claims “baseless,” but students don’t agree

The university administration denied “false and unsubstantiated” allegations that claimed students had attempted suicide after the incident and that videos of numerous female students in the hostel had been made and shared on social media.

Angry students have also claimed that the university administration is hiding the issue rather than doing something about it. Women students claimed that despite numerous attempts to bring the issue to the attention of university officials, nothing was done.

Chandigarh University hostel video leak case sparks political outrage

Political parties reacted furiously to the occurrence, and state and federal organisations protecting women’s rights also intervened. Several opposition politicians have also expressed their strong thoughts on the subject.

Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, ordered a high-level investigation into the event on Sunday. In a Punjabi tweet, Mann stated, “Our girls are our honour… a high-level probe has been launched into the event… serious action will be done against whoever is found responsible.” Mann stated, “I’m in contact with the government.

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