Chandrababu Naidu launches ‘AP fights Corona’ website

3 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Chandrababu Naidu National

Chandrababu Naidu has launched a website titled 'AP Fights Corona.' Through this platform, the citizens of Andhra Pradesh, who have suffered several issues due to Covid-19, can register their speci...

Andhra Pradesh has seen over 7,00,000 Covid-19 positive with districts like East Godavari close to touching the 1,00,000 tally. While the cases increase and people lose their loved ones, the Government is yet to gain control over the situation. The pandemic has shown its negative-influence in every possible way. On one side, numerous lives are being lost due to inaccessible testing facilities, late detections, poor medical care.

Latest research reports are suggesting that young citizens are disproportionately dying due to COVID. On the other hand, many have lost their means of livelihood, face severe financial troubles, and the farmers are even unable to find MCP for their crops.

The price for the government’s failure to manage the situation is being paid for by the innocent people of Andhra Pradesh. Oxford University’s survey indicates that 90% of surveyed families in AP, never got 1kg of wheat at 18 rupees per family. 99% of surveyed families indicated that beneficiaries of mid-day meals in AP were not given a bag of food materials equivalent to the meal. These are worrying times.

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Taking the latest and recorded Covid-19 bulletins, and complaints of AP citizens into consideration towards the failure of the ruling Government to help people in this severe crisis, Telugu Desam Party under the leadership of Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu stands firmly with the people of Andhra Pradesh and has built a platform for the people to make their suffering heard.

Dated October 3, 2020, Telugu Desam Party has decided to launch an open forum for the AP Citizens to share their issues on a live platform. AP Citizens, suffering from any kind of problems due to Covid-19. Loss of employment, unavailability of medicine, ambulances, and essentials, Loss of crops, Non-receipt of Government compensation, or any other thing that made them suffer, can share their issues Due to Covid-19 on this platform.

Web-launch of AP Fights Corona: Through this platform, citizens of AP who have suffered due to COVID can register the issues and seek relief. On the other side, the platform also allows for citizen volunteers who can help to offer their support as well. Citizen volunteers can provide financial support, medical aid, provide employment opportunities, work on the ground help people, or enable the farmer to sell their crops or any small help that can bring a significant change. TDP will compile the issues district and constituency-wise and submit them to the relevant authorities to seek redressal on people’s behalf.

The main agenda of the platform is to push the Government and to do right by the people by putting an end to their suffering. Telugu Desam Party will do everything in its power to firmly stand being the people in these trying times. People are requested to register your issues on to raise your voice and let the Government know of your sufferings.