Sunday, December 10, 2023

India all set to welcome cheetahs after 7 long decades of extinction

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A special cargo Boeing 747 on Saturday leased aircraft from Namibia that was carrying 8 cheetahs touched down at the Indian Air Force Station in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. On his 72nd birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release the cheetahs into Kuno National Park.

After being transferred from Namibia for seven decades, eight fresh cheetahs are about to arrive in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. In an effort to revitalise and diversify the nation’s wildlife and environment, PM Modi will release eight cheetahs into the Kuno National Park, including five females and three males that were brought in from Namibia. The revival of an already extinct cat species, according to MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, is a historic act that would increase tourism in the state.

“There is no better present for MP than the arrival of the cheetahs from Namibia to Kuno National Park. Reintroducing them is a historic step since they had become extinct. The largest animal event in the past century is this one. This would significantly increase tourism in MP “said CM Chouhan.

PM Modi will release two cheetahs from enclosure number one, according to SP Yadav, the project’s director, and then move on to release another cheetah at enclosure number two, which is around 70 metres distant.

In the special quarantine enclosures created for them, the surviving cheetahs will be released.

Cheetahs are being carried into the nation from Namibia by a cargo Boeing 747 that will land in India, according to Yadav.

The reintroduction of wild animals, notably the cheetah, is being carried out under the ambitious Project Cheetah of the Indian government in accordance with IUCN recommendations.

India has a long tradition of protecting animals. Project Tiger, one of the most effective efforts to conserve wildlife, was started back in 1972 and has helped to preserve not just tigers but also the entire ecosystem.

In keeping with this, the reintroduction of cheetahs represents a significant development in India’s history of animal protection.

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