Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Children’s vaccination: What are the govt guidelines to administer jabs?

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From January 3 of the upcoming year, India will begin distributing Covid-19 vaccines to children aged 15 to 18. The Centre published guidelines for this immunisation programme on Monday. Only Covaxin will be given to children between 15 to 18 years old, according to health ministry standards.

Beneficiaries can self-register online with an existing Co-WIN account, according to the ministry. They can also register by using a unique cellphone number to create a new account. At the moment, this option is only offered to citizens who are qualified for immunisation As a result, starting January 1, children may reserve their immunization appointments using their parents’ existing Co-WIN accounts. Beneficiaries can also be enrolled onsite by the verifier/vaccinator in assisted registration mode. Appointments can also be made online or on-site. Meanwhile, at government vaccination centres, all recipients, regardless of their income situation, are entitled to free vaccinations. Those who attend private hospitals or immunisation centres, on the other hand, must pay the required expenses.

As the government has rolled out instructions for the shots, here are a few suggestions for the schools to consider and thereby assist the government in this drive:

  1. Hold virtual sessions with children to educate them about the benefits of vaccine.
  2. Make teachers responsible for getting their batches vaccinated.
  3. Reward and applaud children for getting vaccinated.
  4. Set up social media booths at vaccination camps.
  5. Reach out to children on streets, orphans, etc.

Some suggestion for parents to make this a successful drive for India:

  1. Ensure that your child is registered on Cowin app.
  2. Hold virtual meeting with other parents.
  3. Take the initiative of getting your domestic help’s children vaccinated.
  4. Set an example and wear N95 masks while stepping out of the house.
  5. Do not step out of your houses unless necessary.

We have also formulated some effective advices for the children who are to be jabbed in the coming days:

  1. Go to the Cowin app and get yourself registered.
  2. Follow ‘Vaccinate yourself and one more’ to ensure no one is left.
  3. Trend #Getvaccinated and #IGotvaccinated on social media.
  4. Encourage other children to get vaccinated.

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