Sunday, December 3, 2023

China will modernize military to world-class standards: Xi Jinping

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In order to meet objectives for the People’s Liberation Army’s centennial in 2027, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Sunday to further modernise the nation’s military, according to the state media source.

Xi Jinping stated his goal to swiftly upgrade the people’s armed forces to top-tier levels in his report to the 20th National Congress in Beijing. He did this in order to create a modern socialist nation. The media outlet cited Xi as adding, “We will boost Party building across the board in the people’s armed forces to guarantee that they consistently obey the Party’s order.”

He said that the Party would strengthen the organisations and processes for putting the Central Military Commission chairman in charge of system implementation.

According to Xi, the communist party will increase the military’s political work by strengthening Party organisations inside the people’s armed forces, conducting routine activities, and establishing institutions.

According to Xi, the CCP will step up army training, improve overall combat readiness, increase overall military control, and build integrated national plans and strategic capabilities.

According to the news agency, Xi said that the nation had acquired complete control over Hong Kong and transformed it from disorder to government during the communist party’s twice-decade congress.

China, according to Xi, has fought fiercely against Taiwanese independence and is ready and willing to fight for territorial integrity.

In addition to the crackdown on Hong Kong, Xi Jinping also supported the military action against Taiwan, claiming that he “safeguarded” the nation’s “dignity and vital interests” in order to maintain security.

According to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and China’s Constitution, the central government exercised its broad control over the special administrative region in the face of tumultuous developments in Hong Kong, Xinhua, the state-run media source, said.

He stated that in the independent island of Taiwan, “We have resolutely battled against separatism and resisted interference in response to separatist actions aimed at Taiwan independence and flagrant provocations of outsider interference in Taiwan affairs.”

He claimed that China had shown that it was prepared to defend its sovereignty and resisted Taiwan’s independence.

Xi also asserted during his address that his administration relentlessly pursued a zero-COVID policy and that it put the welfare of its citizens and their lives above everything else.

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