China gears for annual parliamentary meet: Here’s what to expect

5 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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The Chinese government's annual parliamentary meet called 'Two Sessions' is all set to kick off this week in Beijing. leaders are set to lay out a chart for growth strategy and post-covid plans of ...

China is all set to commence an annual parliamentary meeting this week to approve national priorities and growth strategies for the year 2021. The gathering of the authorities and delegates known as ”Two Sessions”, has undergone changes as President Xi Jinping abolition of term limits in the year 2018 and the motion for a new security law for Hong Kong was proposed last year.

The Annual parliament meeting this year is going to mark the beginning of China’s 14th 5 year development plan and the 100th anniversary of the country’s ruling Communist Party. authorities will hold discussions on topics ranging from employment targets, economic growth to the management of the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong.

The ”Two Sessions” parliamentary meet is set to begin on Thursday with the opening of an advisory body- ‘Chinese people’s political consultative conference’ and theĀ  ‘National People’s Congress legislature’ is scheduled to begin its annual meet on Friday. this is the time when the government releases its annual economic work report, a document that constitutes important data about GDP, inflation, employment, and other growth plans.

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The meeting, which is expected to last around 10 days will also share details regarding the approval status of China’s 14th five-year plan. authorities and leaders are set to formulate a plan for defense spending in 2021 and address the issues related to technology and energy. China’s economic growth was increased by 2.3% last year despite the coronavirus outbreak and the pandemic which pushed the world into a global crisis. Economists have anticipated that China aims to create more than 10 million new urban jobs, to give a boost to the country’s employment sector.

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