China-Pak mull joint ‘media house’: Desperate attempt to save face

9 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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China and Pakistan are planning to launch a new media company to achieve "information domination". The forum will be used by the leaders of both countries that would further their objectives and im...

Two nations are seeking to collaborate, China and Pakistan are likely to launch a new media company with a global reach to achieve “information domination”. It has been said that China has agreed for giving funding to establish this particular news channel in Pakistan. According to an Indian media report, the forum will be used by the leaders of both countries that would further their objectives and improve their global reputation.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan has tried the same thing in the past as well. In 2019, the country planned to establish an English-language television channel in alliance with Turkey and Malaysia to challenge the dominant Islamic narrative. This initiative, however, never got off the ground. As a result of Turkey and Malaysia’s lack of interest, Pakistan is said to have stopped communicating.

On the other hand, China’s Air Force recently conducted a huge air drill near India’s borders (Eastern Ladakh), which Indian security authorities monitored closely. During the air exercises, Chinese jets stayed completely within their own area. According to the Defence sources “Around 21-22 of Chinese fighter aircraft mainly including the J-11s which are the Chinese copy of the Su-27 fighters and a few J-16 fighters held an exercise opposite the Indian territory in Eastern Ladakh.”

Following the China Army and Air Force’s summer movements this year, the Indian Air Force has been frequently sending military units of its jets, including MiG-29s, in Ladakh.

The Indian Air Force also routinely operates its most proficient Rafale jets over Ladakh heights, enhancing Indian power across the Line of Actual Control, as 24 of these aircraft are currently in the Indian stock.