Monday, December 11, 2023

China pulls out of bonhomie, refuses to supply Russia with airplane parts

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The Russian aviation sector is finding it hard to survive after the world’s two top airplane manufacturers – Boeing and Airbus – ceased their operations in the country due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At a time like this, China, a close ally of Russia and its supporter in the ongoing crisis in eastern Europe, has refused to supply Russia with airplane parts. As per Global Defense Corp, Russia now has its eyes on countries like India and Turkey for filling the gap in its inventory of airplane parts.

According to Russian news agency Interfax, Russia’s air transport agency Rosaviatsiya is considering various alternatives for supply aircraft parts after China refused to supply aircraft parts amid sanctions. Valery Kudinov, a Rosaviatsia official, was quoted by Interfax as saying, “We have tasked airlines with looking for a possible supplier of parts on their own. As far as I know, there is information that a request has been made to China, but China has refused to do it.” He added, “We will be looking (for opportunities) in other countries. Perhaps, via our partners, Turkey, or via India. Every company will reach an agreement on its own while we (Rosaviatsiya) will merely help legalise these parts.”

China’s refusal to help Russia with airplane parts comes after US “bluntly” warned China against helping Russia circumvent economic sanctions imposed by US and allies.

Meanwhile, in retaliation to the mounting sanctions imposed on it by the West, Russia has now banned exports of aircraft and drones, among others, as reported by TASS.

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