China’s cyber-attack on India’s power grid, blackout hit Mumbai

1 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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As the tensions between India and China increased at the border, malware of Chinese origin has been anticipated into the Indian-electric grid resulting in a power blackout in Mumbai.

Amidst the ongoing border disputes between India and China in the remote Galwan valley,  trains have been shut down and Mumbai hit a blackout and the stock markets got closed for the day in a city of 20 million people. the activity led to hospitals switching on their emergency generators to run the ventilators amidst a coronavirus outbreak.

A recent study has shown that the events at the border and the blackout in Mumbai may have been connected and is a part of a Chinese cyber campaign against India’s power grid, trying to send a timed message that if India stressed its claims, lights could go off across the country. the study stated that as the standoff between the two countries continued in the Himalayan region, taking about two dozen lives, a Chinese malware is flowing currently in the control systems which manages electric supply across the country, along with a coal-fired power plant and a high-voltage transmission substation.

The flow of malware was notified by Recorded Future, a Somerville Mass Company which analyses and studies the use of the internet by state actors. the company reported that most of the malware was never in the state of activation and because Recorded Future couldn’t get into India’s power systems, details of the code couldn’t get examined by the company. the code was placed across the country in the strategic power distribution system. the company has notified the Indian authorities about the presence of the malware but not what they have found.

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The discovery of the malware further raises concerns about India’s security and the signals sent by China over India’s pressing claims at the borders. the activities are anticipated to be China’s message and seem to have a connection with the outage that happened in Mumbai, India’s busiest business hub on October 13. Indian news officials had reported that the cause was anticipated to be a Chinese cyberattack on an electricity load management center.

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