Thursday, November 30, 2023

China’s Instagram-like Xiaohongshu joins the tech layoffs, firing around 10% of its workforce

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For its blend of influencers and shopping, Xiaohongshu, a lifestyle e-commerce platform whose name means “little red book,” is popular among China’s Gen Z. The app claims to have 200 million users, the majority of them are in China.

A spokeswoman confirmed to Insider Friday that the app has laid off between 9% and 10% of its workforce.

The employees were fired following a performance assessment in March, according to the spokeswoman, who described the dismissals as “regular HR improvements.”

While a corporate spokeswoman declined to reveal how many employees were laid off, the company indicated on a Chinese job recruitment web that it employs over 2,000 people in Shanghai, Beijing, and Wuhan, implying that hundreds of people may have been laid off. Employees were laid off across the board, according to Insider.

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