Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Chirag Alawadhi’s Take On Following Unconventional Paths & Achieving Entrepreneurial Triumph

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Entrepreneurial success comes to those who dare to break the conventional paths and Chirag Alawadhi’s journey exemplifies it. The renowned digital marketer has not only achieved several milestones in no time but he has also inspired the youth by being the change in society. After the completion of his graduation from Govt. Polytechnic College, Hisar, instead of following the expected way of achieving success, Chirag followed his Entrepreneurial instincts. 

Currently, Chirag Alawadhi is a proud owner of Marketing Moves, Esports Minute, With diligent efforts, Chirag has managed to build a team of experts who work their fingers to bones to ensure that their clients get unique customer service. Founding MintShint, the media/news company is another achievement that he acquired in no time.  When asked about what motivated him to be a Digital Marketer, he said, “ I have always had an intuition to be someone who helps people in every possible way. Digital Marketing allows me to uplift several businesses and take them to new heights via social media.”

Chirag is known for his strategic skills. Over time and experience, the prominent Entrepreneur has managed to be at the pinnacle of success. His firm Marketing Moves has handled several promotions including the music videos of top artists like Diljit Dosanjh & Ranjit Bawa. 

Handling promotions of the most renowned labels like T-series & Zee Music Company isn’t as effortless as it seems, but with consistent efforts and proper strategy implementation skills, Chirag aced these projects. When we asked him about how he managed these projects, he said, “ As a digital marketer, my networking skill must be my basic quality and that I built over time. By putting by experiential learning into practice, I managed to complete the promotions of these banners.”

Founded in 2019, MintShint is well known among people for its content campaigns. On talking about the top media firm, Chirag says, “ The company is committed to fulfilling client’s requirements by helping them with proper content marketing. The team vows to be on people’s beck and call to ensure that the client gets what they deserve.”

Chirag Alawadhi’s extensive knowledge about the market has allowed him to achieve Entrepreneurial success. It gave him the courage to follow the unconventional path and be the change in society. There is still a long way to go and we are sure that with time, Chirag will continue to be at the top.

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