Friday, December 1, 2023

Former UK Government Advisor, Colin Bloom Questions Western Governments on Khalistan Extremism

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Colin Bloom, a former advisor to the UK government, has expressed grave concerns regarding the recent surge in Khalistan extremism. He believes that the situation has worsened due to the inadequate response of “Western governments” in addressing the aggressive and sinister behavior of extremists.

In an interview, Colin Bloom emphasized the need for both the British and Canadian governments to take more proactive measures in tackling this pressing issue. He cautioned that if left unaddressed, the situation could potentially spiral “out of control.”

Colin Bloom, who authored ‘The Bloom Review, Does Government do God?’ and was appointed by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as an Independent Faith Engagement advisor, clarified his stance on free speech. He supports individuals’ freedom to think and believe as they wish, as long as it doesn’t harm, intimidate, or harass others. However, he criticized the recent disruption of the planned interaction of the Indian High Commissioner to Britain, Vikram Doraiswami, at the Glasgow Gurdwara, labeling it as an overreach of free speech.

The incident in Glasgow involved the disruption of a scheduled interaction with the Indian High Commissioner by “extremist elements,” prompting a police investigation.

Bloom also highlighted that the majority of the Sikh population in the UK does not share extremist ideologies and feels betrayed by the radical elements within their community. He argued that Western governments have not done enough to address and combat the rising extremism, which has contributed to the increase in such activities.

Regarding the situation in Canada, Colin Bloom called for collective action by the UK, US, Canada, and other Western governments to address the issue. He urged the British government to enhance its efforts to protect British Sikhs who want no association with extremist elements.

In another incident, a Sikh restaurant owner in West London alleged that his car was shot at and vandalized by Khalistani extremists, emphasizing the need for increased government vigilance.

Bloom cautioned that if the issue remains unaddressed, it could escalate and harm more individuals. He urged authorities to closely monitor online materials associated with these extremist groups.

Colin Bloom’s report for the UK government warned about pro-Khalistan Sikh groups seeking to inflate their influence through lobbying under the guise of human rights activism, presenting a false image of legitimacy. The report underscored that the actions of these groups do not represent the majority of British Sikh communities, who are not involved in subversive or discriminatory activities.

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