Monday, December 4, 2023

Competitive programming is all about trying to write efficient code: Priyansh Agarwal

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Priyansh Agarwal joined us for a detailed conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List . In the exclusive interview with us on NewsX Influencer A-List, Priyansh Agarwal shared his journey of teaching people about how to code and competitive programming. 

Speaking about competitive programming and the kind of content that he is creating on YouTube, Priyansh said, “Competitive programming is like a small domain in programming itself. There are quite a lot of domains in programming and competitive programming is one of them. Competitive programming is like a mind sport. All you have to do is solve certain problems in it and solve them efficiently. Like for example, if I tell you to perform a task A and you have a computer in front of you, you can hold it up, you can write code for it and you can complete this task A. Now, there can be ‘N’ number of ways to solve this right? But, you have to come up with the most efficient way and I’ll tell you how efficiently is defined here. Efficiency is defined in terms of time and space. If I write a program and that particular task is getting solved in around 1.2 seconds , then somebody else comes up and solves that particular tasks in task in 0.9 seconds, so he is more efficient than me. Competitive programming is all about trying to write efficient code.”

Talking about how he is trying to help people learn this code, he said, “ I’m not trying to exactly tell how all of this works. It is already present, so all that people have to do is just apply their mind and write efficient code. All I’m doing, is I’m just making people more and more people aware of that a certain thing, like Programming exists, and by doing it you can write more efficient code.”

When asked about people who do not have a coding background, he responded, “At this point I would not say that if you come up to my channel and if you don’t have any programming experience, you will get the basics. I feel like I think I can put out more content that is specific to beginners. Right now, my channel does not have a lot of content that is really particular for beginners. So yeah, I think I would take that suggestion. I would be putting out more content.”

Check out the entire interview on NewsX Youtube:

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