Mithoon, a Music Composer, Contemplates His Career And Recent Achievements in a NewsX A List Exclusive

22 August, 2023 | Vishakha Ahuja

Mithoon A List

Mithon, a renowned music composer, discusses his recent achievements, artistic methodology, and current music industry state in an interview with NewsX, led by Apprudap Singh.

In a highly sought-after conversation with NewsX, Mithoon, the accomplished music composer, opens up about his recent achievements, his artistic methodology, and his reflections on the current state of the music industry. The interview, led by Uday Pratap Singh, provides an in-depth exploration of Mithoon’s evolution as a composer, his unique perspective on creating music, and his notable contributions to the popular movie “Gadar 2.”

A Resounding Success with “Gadar 2”

Mithoon begins by conveying his heartfelt appreciation for the triumph of “Gadar 2.” He highlights that the musical composition for the film has deeply connected with viewers, marking a significant pinnacle in his professional journey. He emphasizes the profound emotional satisfaction he derives from observing audiences relishing the music within the cinematic setting.

Taking On the Challenge of Recreating Classics

When questioned about the task of reimagining tracks from the original movie, Mithoon emphasizes that he refrained from perceiving it as a hurdle. In his perspective, it was more akin to an enthusiastic summons spurred by his ardor for the craft. He was resolute in his intention to uphold the innate charm of the melodies crafted by Uttam Singh Ji and Anand Bakshi. Rather than attempting to modify them extensively, his primary aim was to capture their fundamental essence. This artistic approach garnered favorable reactions from viewers and elicited admiration for his genuine reverence for the initial creation.

Maintaining Original Purity in Recreations

Mithoon delves into his viewpoint regarding the process of reimagining and reinterpreting musical compositions, underscoring the significance of upholding the pristine nature of the original creation. He places a strong emphasis on the necessity of honoring the contributions of predecessors and ensuring that proper recognition is accorded to the original architects. Mithoon conveys that his approach revolves around maintaining the essence of the original piece, and he steadfastly strives for authenticity in his endeavors to recreate it.

Reflecting on a Fruitful Year

Reflecting on the preceding year, Mithoon expresses contentment about both his personal and vocational realms. He conveys a sense of delight in his involvement with ventures such as “Gumraah” and “Bawaal,” and he articulates his genuine excitement upon witnessing the accomplishments of “Gadar 2” and other recent undertakings. He underscores that the triumph of these movies and their accompanying music serve as a testament to the lasting vitality of the Indian film industry.

Career-Changing Albums

Mithoon takes a retrospective view of crucial junctures in his professional journey, pointing to the soundtrack of the movie “Anwar” as a transformative milestone. He recollects how, despite initial uncertainties surrounding his elaborate compositions for the album, the resounding success of the project served to reaffirm his self-assurance as a creative artist. Notable landmarks like “Aashiqui 2,” “Murder 2,” and “Kabir Singh” also played a pivotal role in cementing his stature within the industry.

Idols and Inspirations

When asked about his sources of inspiration and role models, Mithoon expresses deep admiration for iconic personalities like Madan Mohan Sahab, RD Burman, Raja Mehdi Ali, and A.R. Rahman. He acknowledges that his artistic maturation has been significantly shaped by their contributions and unwavering commitment to their artistry.

Looking Ahead

Amid the gratification stemming from the triumph of “Gadar 2,” Mithoon delves into his forthcoming endeavors. He reveals his involvement in composing for Mohit Sulli’s upcoming movie, his collaboration with Aditya Dhar on “Crack,” and his ongoing brainstorming with Anand Sharma ji for upcoming cinematic ventures. His anticipation is palpable as he eagerly looks forward to undertaking projects such as “Tiger 3” and “Jawaan,” signifying his optimistic anticipation for the promising trajectory of Hindi cinema.

A Parting Note with Melody

Mithoon concludes the interview by sharing a melodious line from his song “Gadar 2.” His passion for music shines through as he recites the line with enthusiasm and gratitude.

In this insightful interview, Mithoon provides a glimpse into his creative journey, philosophy, and aspirations. His dedication to preserving the essence of original compositions and his appreciation for the art form’s evolution underscore his standing as a respected composer in the industry. As fans eagerly await his upcoming projects, Mithoon’s contributions to Hindi cinema continue to leave a lasting impact.

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