Congress distances from Digvijaya Singh’s remarks; BJP says India will not tolerate any foreign intervention

31 March, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma

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The Congress, under sharp attack from the BJP, sought to distance itself on Thursday from party leader Digvijaya Singh's remarks on the German Foreign Ministry's remarks on Rahul Gandhi's exclusion...

The Congress, under sharp attack from the BJP, sought to distance itself on Thursday from party leader Digvijaya Singh’s remarks on the German Foreign Ministry’s remarks on Rahul Gandhi’s exclusion from Lok Sabha, stating that the party firmly believes that India’s democratic procedures must deal with the “threats posed to democracy.”

Government ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, Kiren Rijiju, and Anurag Thakur all responded sharply to Digvijaya Singh’s comments. Foreign intervention cannot impact the Indian court, according to Law Minister Kiren Rijiju.

“Thank you Rahul Gandhi for inviting foreign powers for interference into India’s internal matters. Remember, Indian Judiciary can’t be influenced by foreign interference. India won’t tolerate ‘foreign influence’ anymore because our Prime Minister is:- Shri @narendramodi Ji,” Rijiju said in a tweet over Divijaya Singh’s remarks.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said it is apparent that Congress wants foreign interference in India’s domestic affairs.

“Apparent that @INCIndia wants foreign interference in our affairs. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Communist Party of China with opaque contents. During interactions abroad, plead for help to change the government. Thank them when help forthcoming. Any more proof needed?” she said in a tweet.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said Congress and Rahul Gandhi don’t believe to fight India’s “democratic, political and legal battle within country”

“Disgrace to nation, @INCIndia & @RahulGandhi don’t believe to fight India’s democratic, political & legal battle within country, hence, invite foreign powers to interfere in our internal matter. But New India headed by @narendramodi Ji will not tolerate any foreign intervention,” Thakur said.

Digvijaya Singh, MP and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister on Thursday thanked Germany for “taking note” of Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from Parliament as Lok Sabha MP.

“Thank you German Foreign Affairs Ministry and Richard Walker for taking note of how the Democracy is being compromised in India through the persecution of Rahul Gandhi,” Digvijaya Singh said in a tweet, reacting to another tweet about German Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s comments.

During a press briefing that was aired on German state-owned international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), the spokesperson stated that her country “expects that the standards of judicial independence and fundamental democratic principles will apply in the case.”

“We have taken note of the verdict of the first instance against the Indian opposition politician Rahul Gandhi as well as the suspension of his parliamentary mandate. To our knowledge, Mr Gandhi is in a position to appeal the verdict,” she is heard saying in the clip of the briefing shared on Twitter by Richard Walkar the Chief International Editor of DW.

“It will then become clear whether this verdict will stand and whether the suspension of his mandate has any basis,” the spokesperson added.