NewsX Big Debate: Congress Takes ‘Ganesh Insult’ Dig At PM Modi

3 August, 2023 | Gautam Thakral

Congress Takes 'Ganesh Insult' Dig At PM Modi Top News

Congress Takes 'Ganesh Insult' Dig At PM Modi

In the midst of the ongoing political tussle between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a new controversy has erupted surrounding a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Pune’s Dagrushed Temple. The Congress leader posted an image claiming that the Prime Minister turned his back on Lord Ganesha’s idol during his visit to the temple two days ago. The Congress leader alleged that this action was an insult to the deity, sparking a fierce debate between the two parties.

In retaliation, the BJP has released the full video of the event, showcasing Prime Minister Modi offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and performing the parikrama, a customary act of rotating in front of the idol. The video exposes the Congress’s deliberate attempt to misrepresent the Prime Minister’s actions, leading to accusations of using the controversy for political gains.

The question that arises from this incident is why the Congress felt the need to stoop to such levels to attack the BJP. Critics argue that instead of focusing on substantive issues like the economy, unemployment, and welfare, the Congress seems to be indulging in trivial matters that are more likely to generate media attention than contribute to meaningful political discourse.

The lack of an official spokesperson from the Congress to join the discussion further adds fuel to the fire, raising questions about the party’s position on the controversy and their overall strategy.

The BJP spokesperson, Raman Malik, commented on the matter, saying, “This is nothing new; Congress has a history of launching such baseless attacks, which ultimately fail. They seem desperate to regain power, resorting to any means possible, even if it means manufacturing controversies.”

Similarly, Hindu Dharm Guru, Pavan Sinha, defended the Prime Minister, stating, “It is clear that the picture was deliberately taken out of context. Even if he was standing, his head was visible at the feet of Lord Ganesha, indicating no insult. Prime Minister Modi knows his religious practices well, and he would not commit such a mistake.”

Advocate Mishra from the Congress party, while expressing disapproval for indulging in such politics, emphasized the importance of discussing significant issues that concern the nation’s welfare.

The incident raises broader concerns about the current state of political discourse in India. Critics argue that politicians’ focus on trivial matters and personal attacks diverts attention from real issues affecting the country’s development and progress. As the citizens grapple with concerns like unemployment and inflation, it is essential for political parties to engage in meaningful debates that address these pressing challenges.

With no official response from the Congress party headquarters, the controversy remains a hot topic in the media, drawing attention away from more critical matters that demand the nation’s focus. As India’s political landscape evolves, it is crucial for political leaders to prioritize substantive discussions that can bring about positive change and address the real issues affecting the nation.

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Cong Takes ‘Ganesh Insult’ Dig At PM Modi | Full Video Refutes Cong’s Claims | NewsX

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