Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“My conscience persuaded me”: Indian Student Who Saved Tricolor During Khalistani Protests

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London-based Indian student Satyam Surana, who took a stand to protect the Indian flag during a Khalistani protest outside the Indian High Commission, expressed his shock at witnessing the flag being dishonoured. A student at the London School of Economics, Satyam recounted his actions, explaining that he noticed the flag being disrespected and intervened to safeguard it.

The protest, led by Khalistani supporters, had initially been cordoned off near the Indian High Commission. However, a group of protestors breached the barricades and displayed an Indian flag, along with a bottle of what they claimed was ‘cow urine.’ They cited the protest as a response to the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who had been designated a terrorist in India and was killed outside a gurdwara in Canada’s Surrey on June 18.

During the protest, an individual delivered an anti-India and anti-Sunak speech in front of the Indian High Commission and threw the Indian flag onto the ground. Satyam, who was present at the scene, immediately picked up the flag from the street, leading to agitation among the Khalistani protestors. Metropolitan police officers intervened to protect Satyam and maintain order.

Video footage of Satyam rescuing the Indian flag quickly went viral after it was shared by former UK Government Advisor Colin Bloom.

Satyam revealed that he initially went to observe the protest and noticed the derogatory treatment of the Indian flag. He described how some protestors had disrespected the flag by placing it on the ground, prompting him to take action.

Although his parents are concerned for his safety, they are proud of his actions. Satyam’s friends also express pride in his defence of the Indian flag, with Satyam emphasizing his duty as an Indian citizen to protect the nation’s honour.

This protest occurred shortly after the disruption of a planned interaction between Indian High Commissioner to Britain Vikram Doraiswami and the Gurudwara Committee in Glasgow by three individuals from outside Scotland. The Indian High Commission issued a statement regarding the incident, noting that the disruption had led to threats and abuse against the organizers and officials. The High Commission reported the incident to relevant authorities and called for action against those responsible.

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