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Consequences of China’s growing capabilities are particularly profound, says Jaishankar

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External Affairs Minister (EAM), S Jaishankar while addressing the 5th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC) 2021 emphasized a number of significant geopolitical issues including the emergence of China and caution in the US power projection. The theme of this year’s conference revolves around three topics — Ecology, Economy and Epidemic. Delivering a keynote address at the 5th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC), Jaishankar said, “Even otherwise, the emergence of power at the global level is extraordinary happening. That it’s a different kind of polity enhances the sense of change. USSR may have borne some similarities but never had centrality to the global economy that China has today,” he added.

“Consequences of China’s growing capabilities are particularly profound because of extrapolation of its domestic seamlessness to the world outside. As a result, whether it’s connectivity, technology or trade, there’s now an ongoing debate on the changed nature of power and influence,” the minister added.

Taking an overview of the recent historic changes, the minister highlighted the changing American strategic posture.
“A starting point could be the trend lines that have influenced the evolution of the Indian Ocean in recent years. First and foremost is the changing American strategic posture. Since 2008 we’ve witnessed greater caution in US power projection and an effort to correct its overextension,” he said.

“It may have taken different forms and been articulated in very different ways but there’s larger consistency over 3 administration that they themselves may not readily recognise. It is expressed in footprint and posture, terms of engagement, the extent of involvement and nature of initiatives,” he added.

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