Content creator Kili Paul stabbed and attacked with sticks

2 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

"People seek to bring me down, but God always lifts me up. Please pray for me ", Kili Paul wrote beside a video he shared on social media.

Kili Paul, a prominent Tanzanian content producer known for lip-syncing to popular Indian songs and breaking the internet with his videos, was attacked with a knife and beaten with sticks by unknown attackers.

On his Instagram Stories, the internet sensation was seen lying on a bed with a stretcher and a bandage on his thumb, as well as injuries to his legs. He had stated beneath the video, “People seek to bring me down, but God always lifts me up. Please pray for me.”

“I was attacked by 5 people in the movement of defending myself my right-hand toe was injured by a knife and I got 5 stitches and I was beaten by sticks and clubs but thank god I defend myself after beating two people they run away but I was already injured pray for me,” he wrote in another Instagram Story.

The reason behind why Paul was assaulted is unknown. Paul’s Instagram story update has now been turned into a short film on his YouTube channel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Paul during his Mann Ki Baat address in February. PM Modi praised Kili Paul and his sister’s work and encouraged young people to create films of popular Indian songs in many languages. He claims that this will not only make them popular, but will also highlight the new generation the country’s diversity.

PM Modi was praised by Paul, who expressed his gratitude by adding he was “mind blown.”

Since then, he has released countless videos in which he can be seen lip-syncing to major Hindi cinema songs, which has helped him gain 3.6 million Instagram followers.