Copper mask and copper key launched in Hyderabad to fight against Covid-19 pandemic

19 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

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During the launch event, CEO Dr. M. Malla Reddy said that Dr. Copper aims to passionately strive to build a healthier nation, motivated by Made in India notion and Vocal for Local slogan.

– Dr. Copper Care key is world’s first multipurpose patented device to help you with 20+ day to day tasks and reduces the risk of touching the virus infected surfaces up to 95%.
– Dr. Copper -Copper Filtered N-95 Reusable mask is first in the world that helps public against virus with unique safety feature of pure copper’s ability in killing coronavirus.

“By consecutively winning – Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders awards for the years 2018-19 & 2019-20 from Asia One, our hunger for growth is honored. Now with these two new product inventions, Dr. Copper will passionately strive to build a healthier nation, motivated by Made in India notion and Vocal for Local slogan” quoted CEO Dr. M. Malla Reddy during the launch event.

Dr. Copper Care Key is world’s first surface distancing key (Also know n as Covid Key) made of 99.9% pure copper. This Care Key is first of its kind patented device in the world that helps users with more than 20 day to day tasks without touching surfaces. The ability of pure copper in killing any virus, including SARC COVID-19 is the primary reason for launching this key.

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Along with its unique feature to help as Bottle Opener, Tasks such as opening doors of home and cars, pushing buttons of elevators and keypads, carrying bags of groceries and shopping are safe with this care key.

Copper Filtered Mask by Dr. Copper is world’s first Copper Filtered five layered N95 Mask, which can be reusable up to 35 times. This Copper Filtered Mask is first of its kind in the world designed primarily for the purpose of controlling the contamination with self-disinfecting property that copper has. A five layered protection with Air Mesh Cloth, Moisture control &Anti-Bacterial Finish, Copper Filter, N-95 Filter and Copper Cloth Filter make it 90% more effective in controlling the spread than any other N-95 masks you find in the market today.

The significant property of this mask is a build in Copper Filter along with N95 Filter. As this copper filter is made of pure Copper, even if this masks contacts virus, it destroys it unlike other masks that keep the virus on their surfaces for longer hours. By putting this on, dealing with other harmful pollutants also becomes naturally easy.

Both products are available on major e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart & Amazon and also on Dr. Copper’s website Also available at Supermarket & Hypermarket Chains such as D-Mart, Big Bazaar, Metro, Spencers, Spar, Best Price , Ratnadeep, Q-Mart and many more alongside other small local retail outlets in Indian market.

“Both products are priced at MRP 199/- a Piece, to make this product easily affordable to people of this country with motive of keeping our country’s safe. And we targeting to sell this to 1 Crore Care keys & Copper Masks by March 2021” Said Dr. Reddy during the launch.

Dr. Copper established in the year 2015 is now very well-known & most preferred brand to Indian household in copper products category. It sold over four million water bottles to over three million trusted customers. This brand operates under the parent company MSR INDIA LIMITED a public limited company listed with Bombay Stock Exchange.
With the help strong distributor and stockiest network, Dr. Copper seamless copper bottle currently markets seven variants in Indian Market. Dr. Coppers aims to utilize its complete manufacturing unit’s production capacity of 1 Crore bottles per annum by year 2022 to serve the mounting demand for copper products.

Support material for reading:
According to the research papers published by The New England Journal of Medicine, Coronavirus (SARC COVID-2) reason for current pandemic cannot live for more than four hours on pure copper surfaces