Coronavirus lockdown 3.0: Liquor Shops, offices, industries, cabs, what’s allowed in Red, Orange and Green zone

2 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

Coronavirus in India National

Coronavirus lockdown 3.0: On Friday, the central government announces the extension of lockdown till May 17 with some relaxations in each Red, Orange, and Green zone.

Lockdown in India has once again extended till May 17, the central government on Friday announced with some relaxations in Phase III. Currently, the entire country has been divided into three zones–Red, Orange, and Green, which signifies, areas with the highest COVID-19 cases will fall into Red zone. Areas where the contagious virus appears to be curbed in categorised in Orange zone. Wherein the Green zone, those areas with no confirmed cases from the past last 21 days.

Here’s what to be allowed:

1) Some of the Industrial Estates, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and Export Oriented Undertakings– Plants manufacturing essential goods, Packaging material units, IT hardware, Jute industry units will commence but with a clause of social distancing and as per need 33 per cent staff will work from home.

2) All the shops in urban areas– neighborhood colony shops, standalone shops are permitted to open without any distinction of essential and non-essential. While, malls, complexes, and markets are still banned.

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2) Liquor shops to open only in Green and Orange zones, but it depends on state governments whether to give permission or not. Shops selling liquor, paan, gutka, tobacco, etc, will ensure to keep minimum six feet physical distancing and not more than five people can stand one time at a shop.

3) Vehicles carrying essential goods with a permission card will be allowed. In a four-wheeled vehicle, only two passengers can travel and with no pillion rider in a two-wheeler.

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4) Except for barbershops; call centers, warehousing services, facility management services, electronic, print media, and IT-enabled services are allowed.

5) Construction activities in urban areas to start off, all the stranded migrants to be utilised on sites, before that, they all will be fully scanned and only those who are infected free will be taken to the construction sites and no further workers will be brought from outside.

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6) Its good news for Green and Orange zone as E-commerce can now deliver their orders, while in the Red Zones only necessary items to be dropped.

7) Talking about government offices, officers from the level of Deputy Secretary or above will perform their duty, and as per need 33 per cent of staff will do work from home.

8) Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), Banks, water sanitation, internet, public utilities, will also function couriers are also sanctioned.

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9) What about taxis and cabs? Only in orange zone areas, Uber and Ola can function with a stringent restriction of one driver and one passenger only.

10) Other activities allowed in the Red Zone areas including, all industrial and construction activities in rural areas, including MNREGA works, brick-kilns, food processing units, while in rural areas, all agricultural work is permitted by the government including Animal husbandry, inland, and marine fisheries, planting. Furthermore, all health services (including AYUSH) will also work.

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11) According to the Government rules, Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) and medical clinics shall remain open maintaining social distancing norms but not in Containment Zones.

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