Coronavirus India update: PM Cares Fund grows with contributions, number of cases at 1,238

31 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

coronavirus India update: National

Health Ministry on Tuesday confirmed 1117 cases out of which 101 people have recovered and the death toll raised to 32. Have a look at India update, COVID-19 Coronavirus India case and death news t...

Coronavirus lockdown day 7: Amid coronavirus the number of cases are increasing each day, positive reports took a hike yesterday as a mob was found inside the Nizamuddin Dargah. Reports said many people who have visited Nizamuddin in the past few years have found positive. According to the Health Ministry, 15,24,266 passengers are screened at the airport. As the Ministry could not risk the lives of other citizens. Whereas, 1117 people are active with COVID-19. The good news is approximately 101 have been cured or discharged among all infected patients. Although reports said approximately 15000 people are currently infected.

Unfortunately, after making strict protocols and harsh actions by the police and the government people are violating the lockdown rules which caused 32 deaths. The positive news out of all the tension is, the nation is contributing to PM Care Fund with the whole heart to fight against coronavirus. Microsoft CEO’s wife donated 2 crore to Telangana government fund to help poor during a lockdown. Many celebs, sports stars, Businessmen and others have contributed through the PM care fund. Reports said more than 34,000 crore have been recorded in the PM Care Fund. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also thanked everyone for their contribution. He said that this fund would help India to fight against the deadly virus and it will also help to enrich the research against this virus.

Apart from the central government, state governments are also trying hard to keep control over the spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately, the number has taken hype in the last 24 hours. Health Ministery assured that the Safety kit tenders have been given to the private companies and the Indian medical team will get better facilities soon.