Coronavirus lockdown: PM Narendra Modi thanks shopkeepers, traders for ensuring essentials reach the public

20 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Coronavirus lockdown: PM Narendra Modi in his tweet on Sunday thanked shopkeepers and traders for risking their own lives and serving the nation.

Coronavirus lockdown: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet on Sunday thanked shopkeepers and traders in the country for risking their lives and serving the nation by ensuring that all essential goods reach the public despite the nationwide lockdown. He added that these shopkeepers and traders have added significantly in maintaining the flow of social system during the lockdown.

Though the task was difficult, society and the country will always remember this contribution of the shopkeepers, PM Modi said. He added that he hoped shopkeepers and wholesalers will continue to follow the instructions for social distancing. The coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc in the entire world and has affected more than 200 countries taking more than 1.65 lakh lives.

In India, the coronavirus has infected 16,116 people and claiming more than 500 lives. Considering the increasing number of cases, PM Modi said the virus doesn’t see religion, race, colour, caste, language, and creed before infecting. Everyone should be together in this fight and the focus should be on brotherhood and unity, he said.

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Further, PM Modi shared insights into the changes reflecting in the professional life of people due to coronavirus outbreak. Not just this, he urged people especially the youth to come forward and help their country and the entire world in providing a new culture and contribute in ending this pandemic.