Coronavirus lockdown relaxations from April 20: Here’s a list of graded economic activities starting from Monday

19 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Coronavirus lockdown relaxations from April 20: The Centre has permitted some economic activities to continue supply of the essential items. Below is the list of graded economic activities starting...

Just when you thought that life in Covid-19 era might have some semblance of normalcy post 20th April, the dampener came a day before. MHA, in an order issued on 19th April, said that Non-essential goods by E-commerce Companies will remain prohibited during the entire course of lockdown part 2. So the opportunity to buy essential electronic items, like Mobile phones, Refrigerators, ACs and others will have to wait a little longer. So what all economic activity can you expect to take place and what all won’t happen from April 20th?

Here is a ready reckoner for that –

Detailed Guidelines issued by MHA are very clear on what is allowed post April 20th. This includes Industry, construction, Health services, Cargo and essential services, Public utilities like MNREGA, Power, Postal, Telecom, Agriculture services like Farming operation, horticulture, animal husbandry etc, Financial and Social services, commercial service. However the government has also made it very clear that these permissions are not applicable in containment zones.

So the graded economic activity which we will witness from April 20th will be something like this. Establishments like industries in rural areas, manufacturing units of essential goods, IT hardware, Food processing units, Jute Industries as well as providing fillip to rural setup by allowing brick kiln to operate. Construction activities including roads, Irrigation projects and construction projects in municipalities will be allowed.

Cargo and essential services include transportation of cargo(inter and intra state) by air, rail, land and sea routes. supply chain of essential goods like manufacturing, wholesale, retail shops and carts for essential goods. large brick and mortar stores, dhabas and truck repair shops on highway including movement of staff and labourers for
essential services.

Public Utilities which will be allowed include MNREGA works where priority will be given to irrigation and water conservation. However workers will use face masks and observe social distancing. Online educational activities including teaching, training and coaching will be allowed. Operation of power, postal services, water, sanitation and
telecom and internet services will also function.

Most importantly for the government as well farmers, key agricultural services are allowed. They include- Farming operations in fields, agencies which are engaged in procurement of agri products. services related to fertilizers and seeds. Horticulture and animal husbandry to be allowed.

The lifeline which will be closely monitored to ensure seamless function will be Health services. Hospitals, nursing homes medical shops and dispensaries will keep on operating as they have till now. Medical research and Covid-19 related labs and collection centers, manufacturing unit, medical devices and construction of health infra along with movement of all medical personnel, nurses and para medical staff will continue to be allowed.

The financial and social services which will be allowed are RBI and RBI regulated financial markets, banks, ATMs, IT vendors for banking operation. In social sector, homes for children, divyangs elderly, etc. including observation homes and after care homes. Apart from this disbursement of social security pension and PF and operation of Anganwadis will be allowed.

The commercial services include Print and electronic media, IT services with upto50 percent strength. Data and call center for govt activity. E commerce companies, courier services, cold storage and warehousing, Establishment for quarantine facilities and self employed services like electrician and plumbers etc.

The MHA guideline also say that bamboo, coconut, betel nut, cocoa, spices cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging are also allowed.

Apart from providing a list of what all graded economic activity can take place, the MHA guidelines also provide a list of what all will remain closed during the Lockdown 2.0. As per the list, All cinema halls, malls, shopping complex, entertainment parks, theater, all social, political any type of gathering, all religious places of worships, all domestic travel by train, air, road , metro rail services, Inter disctrict and inter state movement except for medical emergency, all educational, training facility and all industrial and commercial activity other than specifically permitted will remain closed till May 3rd.