Coronavirus in Noida: Lockdown in high-rise township fuels fear, uncertainty, but we are ready to face hardship, says resident

21 March, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

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Coronavirus in Noida: After identification of a positive case of coronavirus in Noida's high-rise township, the entire society has been put under a lockdown for 3 days. After the lockdown, fear and...

The Janata Curfew, which was supposed to be imposed from March 22, 2020, at 7 am, has come a day early for a high-rise residential township complex in Noida, which has been placed under lockdown after a person with travel history to France tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. With thousands of flats in the township, fear looms large over the residents.
One of the residents, under the condition of anonymity, spoke to us and revealed the entire society has been put under a lockdown for 3 days. While they were prepared for the Janata Curfew on Sunday and had decided to store essentials a day prior, the lockdown on early Saturday morning came as a shock.
No individual was allowed to go outside the society premises or come inside. Some society members also requested the authorities to allow at least 2-3 individuals to go outside and get essentials for everyone but they were met with only response- it is for their own safety. As the day progresses, the authorities have allowed delivery of essentials till the main gate, but not beyond it. Amid the difficult phase, the township residents stand united against the hardship for the safety of one and all. The residents also paid their respects to all those who are helping to control the virus.

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The tower, where the novel coronavirus patient has been identified, is currently being sanitised, to be followed by sanitisation of common areas and the remaining 30-odd towers. All the domestic help employed in the society have been sent home on paid leaves for 5-6 days after undertaking medical tests for record purposes, the resident said.
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Coupled with the stationing of an ambulance and SDM in the society, health officials are also on rounds enquiring every household about the family members, their travel history and if they had any COVID-19 symptom. However, the resident said most fear that some could be lying to evade a stricter quarantine.

When asked if residents are working from home or going to offices, the resident said those who can work from home, especially in IT-based jobs, are doing so. However, the ones with field jobs are finding it difficult. In the event of a lockdown, they have been compelled to take a few days off, the resident said.
In complete support of PM Modi’s call for Janata Curfew, the resident emphasised it is important to break the chain by self-quarantine and social distancing.
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