Coronavirus outbreak: Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey, Arti Singh, Divyanka Tripathi; Here’s how celebs are using self-isolation time at home

20 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Coronavirus outbreak: Bollywood celebrities are urging their fans to stay indoor and take all the precautionary measures to stay away from pandemic coronavirus. Meanwhile, Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey,...

Coronavirus outbreak: Due to the coronavirus outbreak in India, the film fraternity has stopped their running projects. Similarly, cinema halls have been shut down, affecting the film release as directors decided to postpone it. So, what these celebrities are doing during house arrest? Where fear of pandemic virus is gripping the nation, celebrities are setting a perfect example to utilize this time to self-care.
Actor Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey, Arti Singh, Divyanka Tripathi set an example for others with how seriously they’re taking social distancing. They are treating their fans with funny yet lovable content. Where Sargun Mehta made a hilarious Tik Tok video and posted it on Instagram with a caption: Right now situation is tense, so during isolation and social distancing is the only way.
While Arti Singh is enhancing her cooking skills by preparing a meal for the whole family. Meanwhile, Divyanka Tripathi is spending some quality time with her husband, they make funny Tik Tok videos too. Talking about the pandemic virus, Tripathi said, we are all urging people to keep themself safe. Currently, am able to connect with my followers, read books, watch movies, and keep basic fitness.
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Talking about current scenario in India,  4 deaths have been reported with more than 200 cases that have been found. PM Narendra Modi asked people of Indian to stay indoors and avoid going out in public places. On March 22, Janata curfew has been declared. Meanwhile, other Bollywood celebrities are sharing precautionary measure video to spread awareness.