Coronavirus: Singer Anup Jalota kept in isolation on return from London

17 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Corona virus in India, Anup Jalota infected with corona virus, Anup Jalota under isolation National

Coronavirus in India: Singer Anup Jalota, in a tweet, said he has been kept in isolation on his return from London and urged others to cooperate with the authorities and doctors to curb spreading o...

Former Bigg Boss contestant and veteran singer Anup Jalota has been kept in isolation at a hospital in Mumbai on his return from London as the corona virus threat looms. The news was shared by Jalota himself on social media as he requested others to co-operate with authorities to crub infection spread.
Lauding authorities, Jalota, in a tweet, said he is awe with the Medical Care offered by BMC for passengers who are 60+. He has been taken to Hotel Mirage, where screening and suspects have been kept under specialist doctors eye,  as he landed in Mumbai from London.
Singer added a team of doctors was sent to attend him soon after he landed. He also appealed people arriving from other countries to cooperate and help in controlling the further spread of Covid 19 in India.
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The rapidly spreading virus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Helth Organisation(WHO), has infected more than a lakh people and claiming over 5000 lives globally.
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In India, 125 people have been detected as Corona positive that took 3 lives. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has shared direction to stay safe and stop spreading of virus.
The Delhi government has set 51 corona check up centers for check ups and treatment. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has declared the situation and epidemic and advised people not to believe rumors and consult doctors if need.
Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also advised people not to panic and wash hands again and again with soap or clean them with sanitizers. People should cover their face with masks and use handkerchiefs while coughing and sneezing.