Coronavirus update: Number of cases reach 5,695, toll up to 169

9 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

Coronavirus update National

Coronavirus update: Number of cases in India reach 5,695 out of which 477 has been cured and discharged, many of them are still in quarantine. Unfortunately, 169 have died due to coronavirus.

Numer of COVID-19 infected cases reached to 5,695 people and around 477 people have been cured and discharged. They have been Treated with some mild medicines and recovered but unfortunately, 169 people have been died due to this disease. Worldwide around 83,000 people have died and around 14,00,000 lakh people are infected from Coronavirus.

China has opened the lockdown is almost over and the markets and streets are free to move now. There is no such news came from China about any death or infected case from COVID -19. Amid coronavirus outbreak, many state governments have sorted out some hotspots in the cities and sealed the areas to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing in India with frequent growth, the state government and center are look over it.

Reports said there are more the 134 cases found in Haryana till April 9, approximately 106 of them have linked with Markaz Nizamuddin event. After looking at the situation in haryana, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has ordered to double the salaries of the health care workers until pandemic ends in the nation.

To make the conveyance easy for the people Andhra Pradesh government has allowed OLA to run as Emergency medical transport services. The service not be given for the COVID-19 emergencies, it will be helpful for other medical emergencies.

Maharashtra situation is not under control yet, 1346 cases have been detected in Maharashtra. Now the infection has also been spread to the slum areas of Mumbai. Around 746 patients are in Mumbai out of the total patients in Maharashtra.