Coronavirus update: States to focus on testing, treatment and tracking to curb resurgence

15 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while talking to chief ministers of various states via a virtual meet on Thursday tells them to focus on testing and not to worry if the numbers are rising in the state...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday effectively ruled out the imposition of another strict national lockdown while interacting with Chief Ministers of various states via a virtual meeting.  He defended his government’s approach to vaccination and repeatedly laid down great emphasis on testing, tracing, treatment and covid-safe behaviour which he stated, has helped India get the better of the first wave of coronavirus infection in the country especially at a time when there was no vaccine and it was not even certain that vaccination of the covid-19 disease would be discovered or not.

PM Modi’s comment came at an emergency meeting with all the chief ministers during which he urged 100% testing in the containment zones and to trace down at least 30 contacts within 72 hours to further ensure that the symptomatic patients can be tracked quickly and the disease could be prevented from spreading.

With many stares in the country imposing partial lockdowns, the anticipation of national lockdown was also there in some quarters which would have hit the country’s reviving economy and the Prime Minister during this meeting ruled out the possibility of a nation wide lockdown.

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In the virtual meet, he also asked the chief ministers to launch a vaccination campaign from April 11-April 14 focussed upon zero wastage of vaccine doses. the campaign was meant to coincide with the birth anniversaries of Dr BR Ambedkar and Jyotirao Phule. Many Chief ministers demanded more vaccines and suggested administering the vaccine to younger people.

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