COVID-19 update: Total positive cases in India cross 56,000 with toll at 1886

8 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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COVID-19 update: The total number of coronavirus cases in India has reached 56,342 with the toll at 1886.

COVID-19 update: The total number of positive cases of coronavirus in India has reached 56,342 with the toll at 1886. India has registered a total of 3,390 new cases for the second day with 103 deaths in the last 24 hours as per the data shared by the Health Ministry. India has reported a total of 37,916 active cases with 16,539 people cured of the virus. Maharashtra has confirmed a total of 12,00 fresh cases for the second consecutive day with 43 deaths in the last few hours taking the tally at 17,974 with 694 deaths.

Further, Mumbai has recorded a total of 10,000 cases. Gujarat is the second state that has recorded a total of 7,012 cases by registering 388 new cases and 29 deaths in the last few hours. Further Tamil Nadu has also recorded more than 500 new cases taking the total tally to 5,409. According to global tally, a total 3.8 million cases are recorded worldwide with 269,000 deaths. United Nations has alone recorded 1.2 million cases with more than 75,000 deaths.

Recently, over 14 migrant labourers were crushed to death by a cargo train in Aurangabad, Mumbai. Reports reveal that the workers were returning from Chhattisgarh and were following the tracks to return to their hometown. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reacted to the train accident and said that he has discussed details with Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and he will personally monitor the situation. Moreover, a separate inquiry will also be conducted.

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In a press briefing, AIIMS Dr. Randeep Gulleria said that there are chances that COVID-19 cases peak between June and July. He added that the number of cases will increase due to more testing in the nation. He added that the government should continue to impose aggressive steps to continue the lockdown, especially in red zones.