Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kids Covid vaccination rollout today

The vaccination of children aged 12 to 14 years with the Corbevax vaccine against COVID-19 began on Wednesday. Furthermore, the government has decided to remove the comorbidity requirement for persons over the age of 60 in order to get the precaution dose. The recommendations stated that individuals aged 12 to 14 years old would get two doses of Biological E’s intramuscular vaccination Corbevax at 28-day intervals.

In this age group, 7.11 crore children are likely to get vaccinated. Eligible beneficiaries can get vaccinated through online registration on CoWIN (which begins today at 9 a.m.) or walk-in registration at vaccination centres.

On Wednesday, Mansukh Mandaviya stated, “Taking the Covid vaccination campaign further, the Covid vaccination of youngsters aged 12-14 has begun today as part of PM Narendra Modi ji’s ‘#SabkoVaccineMuftVaccine’ campaign. All adults aged 60 and up will be eligible to receive a precaution dosage beginning today. Let us work together to safeguard the country and get the vaccine.”

According to the ministry release, Corbevax is an intramuscular, two-dose vaccination that must be given at 28-day intervals.

In addition, all people aged 60 and up can now get a preventive dosage. This dosage would be prioritised and sequenced depending on completion of nine months of 39 weeks from the date of administration of the second dose. Official guidelines require that the third dosage be given with the same vaccine that was used for the main immunisation.

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