Crackdown on crorona villains

21 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Chennai Police has arrested 21 people and registered a case of rioting against others who were involved.

They risk their lives to ensure our safety and security but not only have Corona warriors been getting brickbats in return, they are being denied dignity in death.
Now, the heart wrenching tale of a surgeon burying his colleague with a shovel & two cemetery boy in the middle of the night in Chennai after a mob attacked their ambulance seemed to have jolted the local authorities into action, who have now vowed to crackdown the the vandals attacking one threatening our Corona heroes.

A day after an ambulance carrying the body of Dr Simon Hercules, who had died on Sunday after reportedly getting coronavirus from his patients, was attacked allegedly on fears of spreading coronavirus, the authorities have finally wake up to the plight of frontline warriors. Chennai Commissioner of Police today warned that anyone who instigated protests or indulged in ruckus against people dying of Coronavirus will be booked under the Goondaism act. Calling the act in humane & unacceptable, the city police commissioner warned anyone against instigating people. The Chennai police has arrested 21 people & registered a case of rioting against others

The chief minister of the state EPS also appealed people to respect those who die of coronavirus. It’s saddening to hear that people opposed burial of doctor who died due to coronavirus, said TN CM. The Madras High Court had also sent a notice to the Tamil Nadu Govt over the incident. Meanwhile the govt doctor’s association in the state has said that adequate security should have been provided to the doctors. The incident has been condemned by the IMA as well

The incident took place late on Sunday evening, when an ambulance carrying the body of a 55-yr-old neurosurgeon who had died due to coronavirus was attacked by a mob on its way to the crematorium. The ambulance driver & a corporation health worker was attacked by a mob which three stones, bricks & stones to chase the ambulance on suspicion of that it could allegedly spread coronavirus.