Man Killed In Shooting At Delhi's Rajouri Garden Burger King Outlet

A man was fatally shot multiple times inside a Burger King outlet in west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden on Tuesday evening

In a shocking incident, a man was shot dead inside a Burger King outlet in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, on Tuesday evening. The victim, who was reportedly targeted over an old feud, succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds on the spot.

Witnesses and police reports indicate that the victim was sitting with a friend when a group of men entered the restaurant and began firing. The attackers, who are believed to have known the victim, fired 10-12 shots in quick succession. The violent confrontation left the victim dead and several others injured, though specific details about the injured have not been released by the police.

“The call came from Burger King restaurant about the fight between two groups. Two-three men had pistols which they fired at the other group. The fight and firing were inside the restaurant,” said a senior police officer.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Vichitra Veer stated, “An incident of gunshots and the death of a person has been reported at Burger King, Rajouri Garden. Officers and the crime team are at the spot. Teams have been formed to gather information and check CCTV cameras. The police station at Rajouri Garden received a call at 9.45 pm that an incident of firing was reported at a Burger King outlet. Following this, the officials reached the spot. As per the preliminary information, more than 10 rounds were fired. One person has lost his life in the incident. We are trying to identify the victim.”

The suspects, around three men, managed to escape before police arrived. Authorities have launched an investigation, focusing on gang rivalry as a possible motive. Officers are also examining CCTV footage from the restaurant to identify the attackers and track their movements.

Locals reported that other patrons were injured in the chaos, but the police have not yet provided specific details. Emergency response teams quickly attended to the scene, ensuring the safety of other customers and securing the area for the investigation.

The police are urging anyone with information to come forward as they work to apprehend the suspects and understand the full circumstances behind the deadly shooting.