Cyberabad commissioner VC Sajjanar urges Covid-19 warriors for plasma donation

19 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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In his appeal for plasma donation, Cyberabad commissioner VC Sajjanar said that all recovered coronavirus patients can donate plasma to save the lives of others. He also applauded his police office...

Commissioner Of Police, Cyberabad VC Sajjanar, IPS, in a video congratulated all the police Covid warriors who recovered from the deadly virus. They have fought Covid bravely with lot of determination and Cyberabad Police appreciate each and every one. Further CP urged successfully treated Covid patients should come forward and donate their plasma. Giving an insight into the infection from COVID 19, he said that it impacts the affected person’s immune system and weakens it and spreads.

CP said all the victim’s who suffered with corona and recovered should donate plasma and save other lives. As everyone knows, frontline warriors our own police officers were effected with this virus recently. Our police officer’s- Inspector Srinivas, PC Venkatesh and PC Veerashekhar, who were affected with this virus & who were treated successfully, have come forward & donated their plasma. By this donation, they have saved 3 lives & bought happiness in 3 families.

He urged that those people, who were earlier affected with Covid 19 virus, should come forward to donate plasma. People, who intend to donate plasma, should contact Cyberabad Covid control room-9490617440. The donors will be picked up at their location and dropped after the donation.

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Who can donate plasma?

Answering the question, CP Shri VC Sajjanar said, one who has fully recovered from Covid-19, may be able to help other patients currently fighting the infection by donating their plasma. Because the donor has already fought the infection, their plasma now contains Covid-19 antibodies. These antibodies kick start the affected person’s immune system to fight the virus. Hence, plasma will be used to help others fight off the disease.

-Those who had the disease, but have recovered at least 14 days before the donation can be considered.

-People between the age of 18 to 60, and weighing not less than 50 kg are eligible.

It should be noted that ‘blood donation’ & ‘plasma donation’ are two different concepts. While the former includes the donation of only blood while the later includes donation of essential cells of blood, which helps an individual develop the immunity system.

The Plasma donor should be a symptomatic patient. Covid patient and who suffered with any of the symptoms like cough, cold, fever, body pain, diarrhoea etc. and recovered can only donate plasma. He/she should be completely recovered from the virus now and willing to donate plasma. It is however to be noted that people with co morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other ailments are excluded.

V C Sajjanar IPS Commissioner of Police Cyberabad once again request all the Covid 19 warrior’s who have fought the virus successfully & who were symptomatic should come forward to donate Plasma. Their 500 ml Plasma will save two persons & will bring cheerfulness in the families. All such persons should contact our Cyberabad Covid control room 9490617440.

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