Cyberabad police commissioner launches Ambulance services for Hyderabad

24 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

Ambulance services for Hyderabad National

The Cyberabad Police on Friday launched 2 ambulances to cater to key regions under state jurisdictions to deal with Covid-19 medical emergencies. It also released contact information for control ro...

Cyberabad Police in association with society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) launched 2 Ambulance services today to help citizens in Cyberabad, Hyderabad & Rachalonda jurisdictions to cater to medical emergencies. Covid Control Room of Cyberabad has been receiving multiple requests for ambulance services for past few days.

Sri VC Sajjanar, IPS., Commissioner of Police Cyberabad said Cyberabad Police and SCSC has been doing great job ever since Covid19 situation emerged in March 20 with the help of social organizations, Donors and volunteers.

This time around the important requirements for Citizens is availability of Ambulance services and donation of plasma by recovered persons.

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Krishna Yedula, Gen Secretary for SCSC says, we have been collaborating well with Cyberabad Police in these critical times to help soceity meet necessary critical requirements from time to time. We are well equipped with support from Industry by way of contributions and volunteers.

These ambulances services may be availed by needy citizens by calling Covid Control Room at 94906 17440 or 94906 17431

The participants in the vehicle launch were Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, Sri VC Sajjanar, IPS., DCP Traffic SM Vijay kumar, IPS., W &CSW DCP Anasuya, CAR Hqtrs ADCP Manikraj, SB ADCP Ghouse Mohiuddin, ADCP Traffic Praveen kumar, ADCP Madhapur Venkateshwarlu, ADCP (admin) Lavanya NJP, SCSC General secretary Krishna yedula, Joint Secretary (Traffic Forum) Venkat Tankasala, MTO Venkataswamy and others participated.

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