Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Dawood Ahmed, A Prospective Purveyor shares how to make your business renowned globally

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Dawood Ahmed belongs to a renowned family which has been serving people irrespective of their castes, religion, and color from a long time. Being born in an affluent Muslim Punjabi family, Dawood is polishing his way up on making his dreams come true by respecting the boundaries and following the guidance of his grandfather and father whom he calls his biggest inspirations.

He completed his A levels from Agra before moving to England in 2010 for his higher education from Oxford Brookes university. In the year 2012 he was chosen as the face of Oxford by public voting. Dawood modelled for Paparazzi Magazine and LA Mode in London. Dawood has also featured a few times on Being Human official Instagram page dotting his stunning looks. His dedication and love for camera and his charismatic personality not only gave him success in the field of fashion and modelling but also in the field of organizing small events run by his university during his time in England. Dawood moved to Italy in the year 2016 to pursue his hobby and to expertise in the field of shoes and designing and learned the art of pattern making from ARS Sutoria University.

As an entrepreneur, he thinks its his duty to take care of the wellbeing of his employees and doesn’t leave any stones unturned by looking after the needs of his employees whom he prefers calling family. Self-motivation, perseverance, patience and smart work plays a vital role for budding entrepreneurs, and when the business is growing gradually with a decent number of employees then you need to encourage them to keep the productivity rate perfect. Dawood works hard yet smart to prosper in his niche, and also guides his employees on how they can improve their life with good and hard work. He travels frequently to most of the European countries to participate in the fairs such as Expo Riva Schuh and Micam, and he wants to make his brand famous all over the world.

He is also a part of AFMEC (Agra Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Chamber) which helps budding entrepreneurs to overcome all the challenges in a fruitful way. He loves to play soccer, and has participated in the summer training camp organized by the Manchester United Soccer club. He is also fond of sports cars.

Dawood has also featured a few times on Being Human official Instagram page dotting his stunning looks. Dawood has decided to launch his own company Dee Enterprise to cater the need of industrialists by providing cheaper raw materials in the future. Dawood also wishes to establish a charitable hospital in the name of his grandmother for helping the poor and needy people. He also desires to try his luck in the world of textile.


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