Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Deep dive into UP’s Illegal Madrasa Truth

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In the investigation conducted by the Ghaziabad administration, 139 madrasas were found running without recognition. These include 76 of Loni Tehsil, 5 of Modinagar Tehsil, 58 of Ghaziabad Sadar Tehsil. Preparations are being made to send the report of all these to the government.

There are total 243 recognized madrasas in Gorakhpur. Of these, 10 are aided madrasas. 142 madrasas are running without recognition. Its report has been sent to the government.

There are 86 unrecognized madrasas in Kanpur Nagar. So far, survey of 66 madrasas has been completed. Of these, 12 madrassa societies have not been registered.

In Ayodhya, 55 out of 143 madrasas are running without recognition. There are 21 unrecognized madrasas in Rudauli of the district, 10 in Milkipur, 9 in Sadar tehsil, 6 in Bikapur.

There are 269 madrasas running in Prayagraj, out of which 78 madrasas are running without recognition. In Prayagraj, information has been received about 15 thousand students studying in 78 madrasas. In the investigation, the matter of funding of crores in madrasas running without recognition has also come to the fore.

There are about 320 recognized madrasas in Barabanki. After about a month’s investigation, 102 madrasas were found in the district, which are running without recognition.

During the survey in Pilibhit, it was found that a total of 245 madrasas are running in the district. Out of these 220 madrasas are recognized. While 25 madrasas are operating in the district without recognition.

585 madrasas are being operated in Moradabad. 175 unrecognized madrasas have been found. More than half of the madrassas are operating in Moradabad in an unrecognized manner.

In Saharanpur, there are 100 madrasas in the area of ​​Deoband itself, which are unrecognized. So far only 12 or 13 madrassas have been surveyed. There are 754 recognized madrasas in Saharanpur. There are 76 unrecognized madrasas. These figures are for 2020 only.

At present 97 madrasas are being operated in Agra. Of these, 10 would have been operated with the help of which no records related to recognition have been found.

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