Thursday, November 30, 2023

34 lakh consumers opt for power subsidy in Delhi as deadline ends

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According to authorities, as of October 31 at 8:00 p.m., about 60% (34 lakh) of the total 56,98,180 qualified energy users had chosen to participate in the Delhi government’s power subsidy programme.

For consumption of up to 400 units, people receive a 50% discount up to Rs 800 and a 100% subsidy for use of fewer than 200 units. In order to continue receiving benefits, the government has made people’s participation in the subsidy necessary. Those who don’t ask won’t receive it.

According to statistics, 50.075 lakh users took advantage of the electricity subsidies on average in 2021–22. According to statistics collected through October 31 of this year, around 34.16 lakh consumers have requested to get subsidised bills starting in November.

Additionally, data reveals that 46.49 lakh customers used the subsidies in 2019–20 and 47.52 lakh consumers used them in 2020–21.

According to data, BYPL got 8,49,756 applications overall, followed by BRPL with 15,54,646 and TPDDL with 10,099,58. The number of applications received by the New Delhi Municipal Council, which oversees Lutyens Delhi, was lower at 42,320.

After Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal received criticism for providing the people with “freebies,” it was decided to make the programme voluntary.

On September 14, Kejriwal announced the initiative, and the public had until October 31 to submit an application to receive a discounted fee for their subsequent billing cycle.

“Those who opted for the power subsidy by October 31 will receive a discounted bill starting in November. A senior Delhi government official stated that those who missed the opportunity to apply might opt-in before their subsequent payment period.

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