Delhi launches awareness campaign to deal with earthquakes

30 July, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Arvind Kejriwal National

Delhi government on Wednesday launched an awareness campaign from Arvind Kejriwal's office to inform the people on how to react during earthquakes.

The Delhi government on Wednesday launched an awareness campaign to inform the people on how to react during earthquakes, according to a press release from the Chief Minister’s Office. The statement read that considering the frequency of earthquakes in Delhi since April this year, the Delhi government has launched an awareness campaign on the steps to be taken by the people during and after an earthquake.

The statement further read that the campaign aims at making homes, offices, schools, and other commercial and residential spaces fully prepared and efficiently deal with earthquakes. Since April 2020, a total of 18 very mild tremors have been felt across Delhi. The campaign of the Delhi government will also help people be well-prepared and take measures to minimize the damage and effects of the earthquakes.

Quoting Arvind Kejriwal, the statement further said that it is his firm belief that the people of Delhi must always be prepared and aware of any crisis. The last few weeks have taught the importance of awareness, preparation, and timely action. That is why the Delhi government is announcing a new campaign to prepare the people of Delhi for the unlikely event of an earthquake.

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The statement said that the policy is simple: prepare today to save lives tomorrow. They have compiled useful information that will prepare homes, schools, and workplaces in Delhi, to react to an earthquake emergency with calm and efficiency.  It further said that together let us build a Delhi that is prepared to face any crisis.

The statement further gave guidelines and instructions for earthquake preparedness in different scenarios and gave the numbers of the disaster management helpline.

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